0nline Courses: The ABC of Birdwatching

What is Birdwatching? Know your common Birds
This module covers the basics of birdwatching, highlights the primary points of birdwatching, ethics and identification of common birds.

Bird Taxonomy, Morphology, Evolution and Adaptations
This module covers the scientific classification of birds, details about the beak and feet in birds, how birds evolved and their adaptations for flight.

Bird Sounds and Ethogram
This module covers the different types of bird sounds, uses and importance of bird sounds and how to document bird behavior through ethogram.

Bird Migration
This module covers migration and why birds migrate, the types of birds on basis of migration, types of migration, factors affecting a bird’s migration, difficulties faced by a bird during migration and some interesting facts on migration.

Threats and Conservation of Birds
This module covers about what are some of the major threats to birds, types of conservation, role of organizations and individuals in the conservation of birds.