Read and learn from these compact, simple read and easy to use publications to get a better understanding of the biodiversity around you.

Bird Publications

A comprehensive list of migratory and resident birds near you, this pack has everything one needs to know about these avian wonders. A perfect companion for a novice bird watcher, this can be your first stride towards becoming an ace bird watcher as you spot and identify common birds around.


Butterfly Publications

For any butterfly enthusiast, this guide helps getting started. Learn about fascinating butterfly behaviors and their host plants that helps identify common butterflies with ease.


Snake Publications

A guide that underlines the importance of snakes in our ecosystem and busts a few myths and misconceptions around them. Learn to identify common snakes around and spread awareness about them.


Tree Publications

A tree guide you will never leave behind as you step outdoors in nature. With a comprehensive list of common trees, identifying features and facts , this tiny booklet is for every tree lover.


Lizard Publications

From Komodo Dragons to the house lizards, these scaly skinned reptiles interest many. If you are one of them, here a little booklet that offers interesting facts on lizards from unique adaptations and behaviours and learn to identify them with ease.